Start: 26/02/2014
End: 28/02/2014


Japan's largest international exhibition & conference specialised for wind energy.

Location: Tokyo Big Sight

Event Details

Japan's largest exhibition & conference specialised in wind energy. Held together with 7 smart energy specialised exhibitions inside World Smart Energy Week, WIND EXPO attracts industrial professionals from around the world. Combining cutting-edge products/technologies, services, market trends, idea, etc., all about wind energy gather here.

Exhibit at WIND EXPO and expand your business in Japanese/Asian-Pacific wind market.

Exhibit Profile
Wind Turbine/Wind Power Generation System
Large/Small Wind Turbine, Other Wind Turbines, Wind Power Generation Systems, Onshore/Offshore Wind Power Generation System

Wind Turbine Component/Equipment
Rotor Blade, Hub, Gearbox, Power Transmission Shaft, Gear Wheel Generator, Converter, Cooling Device, Motor, Hydraulic Unit Brake Nacelles, Air Speedometer, Sensor, Power Conversion Equipment, Groundsill, Bolt/Nut, Adjustable Pitch-propeller, Rotor Shaft, Rotor Bearing, Bearing, Inverter, Heater, Duct, Grease, Power Controller, Yaw Control System, Weathervane, Lightning Conductor, Tower, Power Controller Equipment, Cable, Other Wind Turbine Components/Equipment

Wind Power Generation System Component Device/Service 
Transformer, Monitoring System/Facility, Various Cables, Rechargeable Battery, Server, Various Software, Electrical Substation Equipment, System Protection Device, Development Indicator
Meter, Telecommunication System, Other Wind Power Generation System Component Devices/Manufacturing Technologies

Blade Component/Manufacturing Technology
Reinforced Composite Material, Laminated Material, Coating Material, Drilling Machine, Engineering Tool, Other Blade related Materials/Manufacturing Technologies, FRP, Resin Material, Blade Mounting Bolt, Mold, Various Testing Machines

Related Services/Devices
Operation Service, Transport Service/Device, Setup Service/Device, Field Research, Monitoring Service, Other related Services and Technologies, Maintenance Service, Installation Service/Device
Analysis/Measurement Service, Approval Process Service, Various Insurance Services

Consulting, Installation Site, Safety Tool, Installation/Construction Training

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