GREAT British innovation in force at Gitex Technology Week 2018

A group of leading British companies with a strong track record within the tech sector will be exhibiting at this year’s event. UK companies will present ground-breaking innovation across several areas including AI, Big data and analytics, data centres, enterprise software, smart cities, cloud, IOT/sensors, consumer technology, LTE network infrastructure, 5G and location technology.

Mark Birchall, Managing Director of Tradefair, the company that organises the UK presence at Gitex Technology Week on behalf of techUK says; “Gitex Technology Week is where the global tech industry meets to demonstrate the latest innovations. Over recent years, the UK has asserted itself at the forefront of the tech sector, with advancements in AI, 5G, IOT and enterprise software. We look forward to presenting the expertise of the UK companies and helping them to grow their business in the Middle East.”

Over 50 UK companies will showcase their technology this year with 25 companies participating on the GREAT Britain and Northern Ireland Pavilion and 15 are receiving support from the Tradeshow Access Programme (TAP), a Department for International Trade (DIT) supported programme that enables smaller UK companies to attend events like Gitex Technology Week and Gitex Future Stars.

A London based start-up, Planckly, is participating at Gitex 2018 for the first time. Planckly Ltd has developed “Planckly” app that will allow users to shop at any participating retailer by selecting an item from a menu or scanning an item’s barcode in-store.

“Planckly team is committed to making in-store shopping more efficient and we are excited to be working on ground breaking projects including use of smart watches for in-store shopping and chat bots to improve sales and reduce abandoned baskets” said Faiq Ali, Head of Development at Planckly Ltd.

Multitone Electronics plc, the specialist in the design, manufacture and implementation of integrated communications will feature the recently launched IM-Lite next generation unified messaging platform, which ensures you reach the right people first time, every time, in quick time.

Alexandra Michelis at Multitone commented, “GITEX Technology Week showcases global technology and innovations that appeal to organisations across sectors and industries. Multitone’s portfolio of integrated communications systems is perfect for any organisation/business looking to take complete control of its comms. At this year’s show we are particularly focusing on speaking to telecoms managers who need flexibility, but also reliability and excellent value for money.”

Also exhibiting for the first time at Gitex is SANYX who have developed a call blocking technology for landlines and mobile phones. The CallCop®, is the world's first completely automatic plug and play, cold-call/nuisance call filter.

Unlike other call blocking systems on the market, CallCop® does not require caller ID, nor does it require the user to pay any ongoing fee or to input a list of numbers.  As we all know, the companies that use cold call technology regularly change the number they are calling from, which would mean you have to update your 'blocking' list after you have received the nuisance call.

Returning to Gitex again this year is Austin Hughes Europe with their biggest stand yet. You can find them in Sheikh Rashid on Stand SR-H3 demonstrating leading edge rack mount data centre solutions.

Companies exhibiting on the GREAT Britain and Northern Ireland Pavilion and receiving a grant from the Department for International Trade

Aircharge                                                                C1-50C
Austin Hughes Europe Ltd                                     SR-H3          
BPC Energy                                                            A3-27
DIGIS Squared Limited                                           C1-50B                                       
Furukawa Electric                                                   Z3-A30
Greenlee Communications Ltd                               Z3-A31
Hague Software Solutions Ltd                                B3-19
IDEAL Industries Networks Ltd                              Z3-A34
IMTS Global Limited                                              A3-20D                                               
Introhive                                                                 A3-26
IrisGuard UK Ltd                                                    C1-50
Mauve Group                                                         B3-18
Multitone Electronics                                              A3-20A
NETconsent                                                            A3-23
OneTrust                                                                A7-31                                             
Planckly Ltd                                                           A3-20B
Ranplan                                                                 C1-50D
Sanyx                                                                    C1-50A
SignTech Paperless Solutions Ltd                         A3-20C
Squire Technologies                                              Z3-A41
Voicetec Sys Ltd                                                    Z3-A40
Wireless Excellence Limited                                Z3-A32

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