Department for International Trade Support



How DIT can help

The Department for International Trade (DIT) helps businesses export and grow into global markets. We also help overseas companies locate and grow in the UK. Our services are provided in over 100 markets throughout the world. They are delivered by:

• over 1,200 staff outside the UK
• around 500 staff in our London and Glasgow headquarters
• around 400 staff based in the English regions

Export services for UK businesses

We provide access to a regional network of international trade specialists across the UK which:

• help businesses acquire the skills, contacts and confidence to start exporting or to break into new markets
• work closely with our global network of DIT advisers, to ensure UK businesses are given the best advice about exporting to their chosen destinations

We also offer programmes for:

• high value opportunities, to help businesses win large projects overseas
• e-exporting, to help retailers and brands to sell their products online
• overseas market introductions, offering tailored research from our network of overseas experts
• bidding for international aid agency projects
• tradeshow access, providing grants to eligible businesses so they can attend overseas events.  See below for detailed information on the tradeshow access programme 

How the service works

The grants are based around the Tradeshow Access Programme Calendar of Supported Events 2016 to 2017 with an appropriate accredited Trade Challenge Partner leading the UK’s involvement at each event. Businesses usually take part as a group, led by the trade challenge partner for that trade show.

What you’ll get
DIT can offer grants to eligible businesses taking part in the programme. The grants must be matched by the business’s own expenditure on direct exhibiting costs, for example:

exhibition space costs
stand costs - including design, construction and stand dressing
In some cases grants may also be agreed to match against direct conference costs where the purpose of attending is to promote the business, for example:
conference fees
cost of preparing conference promotional material

Grant levels may be subject to change. The trade challenge partner will confirm the level of grant available and inform you about any service or management fee charges before you sign up.


You can claim a maximum of 6 grants 

Grant levels will vary from £1,500 up o £2,500

Category                        Grant Levels
Short Hall                          £1,500
Long Haul                         £2,000
High Growth Markets        £2,500

Terms and conditions

Other support for exporters
You can find sources of support for exporters from Exporting is GREAT. First time exporters may be interested to:
• draw up an export plan using Open to Export, a free advice service for exporters
• find out about ways to finance exporting from UK Export Finance

Contact our team today to discuss our worldwide exhibition programme on 01622 754200 or email